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Assault Android Cactus Review (PS4)

Assault Android Cactus stars a female cyborg named Cactus, who takes it upon herself to restore order to a civilian aircraft which has gone haywire, along with the high end bots boarding it. As she enters the ship, she meets three other similar cyborgs who also want to get to the bottom of things, which leads to them teaming up. Thus starts the adventure of these four cyborg ladies as they fight to restore the ship to working order before things get really out of hand. I was really excited for this game’s release for the PS4. I loved the emphasis on frantic and stylish combat and I felt this game could be a breath of fresh air in the top-down, twin stick shooter genre. So did this game turn out to be the fun and frantic twin stick shooter I was looking for?

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The Walking Dead: Michonne Episode 1 Review (PS4)

The good folks at Telltale Games are at it again. This time with a three episode Walking Dead miniseries, centered around my personal favorite character, Michonne. So, needless to say, I was excited to learn more about my favorite character’s backstory and see things more from her perspective. Telltale Games has a great track record and has not let me down yet. So is the first episode a solid head start, or do they need to go back to the drawing board?

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Life is Strange Episode 5 Review (PS4)

The final episode of the Life is Strange picks up just moments after the eye opening conclusion of the previous episode in which we find our protagonist, Max Caulfield, in her most dangerous and vulnerable position yet. The now revealed culprit is about to put the finishing touches to his sinister plans, and it’s up to her to travel back in time to not only undo the damage that’s already dealt, but to also put this culprit where he/she truly belongs, behind bars. This is her most tasking challenge yet, since failure could mean not only her death, but also the death of countless others if this killer roams free.There’s also the forthcoming climate disaster approaching Arcadia Bay; What’s causing this weird phenomenon? Will she be able to warn everyone and get them to safety? The stakes are extremely high, and our hero has quite a few burdens to carry.

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Rise of the Tomb Raider Review (Xbox One)

I absolutely loved the first Tomb Raider reboot; what it lacked in story, characters, and character development, it more than made up for in the gameplay department. Tomb Raider took me on an incredible unforgettable journey and left me begging for a sequel. Fast forward to November 2015, I was very fortunate to buy Rise of The Tomb Raider and play it for an extensive amount of time. So was it everything I was hoping for, or did it fall a wee bit short?

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Life Is Strange Episode 4 Review (PS4)

The previous episode of Life Is Strange hit many high notes and ended with a shocking cliffhanger, which left me eagerly anticipating the next installment. Right off the heels of the events surrounding the last episode, Max Caulfied is left to deal with the dire consequences of her actions. Using her newly gained time travel powers, she chose to travel back in time to prevent a tragic event from taking place, in hopes of acquiring a more preferable future. While she was successful in preventing the unforeseen accident, another tragedy befell one of her closest friends as a result, which finds her immediately regretting her decision. Pressure is mounting and emotions are at an all time high, as our protagonist not only has to find a way to undo her time travel fiasco, but she also has to find out who is behind the terrible wrongdoings surrounding her school, and figure out the best way to warn everyone of the eventual climate disaster heading straight to her city. So did this episode build on the solid one before it, or is this an unfortunate misstep?

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