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Monster Hunter Generations Review (3DS)

Monster Hunter Generations is an Action RPG where you hunt monsters of all shapes and sizes in order to craft awesome looking gear from their carcasses. You begin as a fresh faced upstart hunter and rise through the ranks until you’re taking on the biggest and baddest creatures there are or play the all new prowler mode. Monster Hunter Generations introduces four new signature monsters, as well as incorporating signature monsters and elements from previous titles.

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Obduction Review (PC)

Obduction is a point and click adventure game by the legends at Cyan Worlds, who are the same people that created Myst and Riven. It’s an emotional journey full of devilish puzzles and otherworldly views. Come explore a world that is as foreign as it is familiar, and see if you can figure out what it’s all supposed to mean.

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Enter the Gungeon Review (PC)

Enter the Gungeon is a top down, twin stick, shoot’em up rogue-like about adventures attempting to acquire a legendary gun that can kill the past. The Gungeon is a gun themed, randomly generated gauntlet filled with enemies, traps, shops, and bosses. With an expansive arsenal to be discovered you never know what you are going to find. Can you dodge roll your way to victory? Well, grab a gun and lock n’ load because it’s time to Enter the Gungeon.

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