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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Review (3DS)

Capcom does it again with their extremely popular series Monster Hunter! The addition of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate does not disappoint with additions of new weapons, monsters, and story elements. Capcom’s ability to produce these sequels and not lose any quality whatsoever still amazes me. Being one of the several games in the franchise, it loses nothing that the previous game brought to the table. This new addition to the Monster Hunter franchise isn’t a letdown, even if it’s only limited to the Nintendo 3DS.

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The Evil Within Review (PS3)

Tango Gameworks, a department of Zenimax Asia, hit a home run on there very first game. From starting out with the high expectation of being published by Bethesda Softworks, they nailed it. I mean with the help of Shinji Makami, or the creator of Resident Evil the game was bound to be a success. The Evil Within automatically draws you into it’s story, with you being detective Sebastian Castellano, and getting sucked into a world of horror, murder, fright, and mystery. Trying to survive is not your only goal in this world, but keeping your two junior detectives safe is also on the agenda.

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