GameReviewPad Patreon Launched!


GameReviewPad Patreon Launched!

I’m glad to announce that the GameReviewPad Patreon has officially launched!

I want to be very clear in saying that all the content you are used to seeing on GameReviewPad will continue remain free and open with no restrictions.

The Patreon group is an extra way that you can show your support that will also allow you to participate and have some input in the continuing growth of GameReviewPad. This also a way to make sure GameReviewPad has all the tools necessary to succeed.

  • The tiers for pledging are $1, $5, and $10.

    Current monthly goals of $45, $75, and $100.

    -The “Patron’s Choice Review” is unlocked once the $100 dollars goal is reached.

1$ Tier:

  • Thank You for supporting GameReviewPad!
    Your name will be added to the Special Thanks page on the website.  [Patron’s choice of if or how they want their name listed.]
  • Access to the Patron Only Feed
  • Help suggest upcoming games for Andre to review in the next month. With so many indie games releasing every month sometime it is very hard to decide or track them down.
  • Ability to vote in polls on potential sitewide changes and other general gaming polls.

$5 Tier:

  • All the rewards in the above tier
  • Monthly Q&A [Patreon Exclusive Content]Ability to participate and ask any video game related questions in the monthly GameReviewPad Q&A.
    The questions will be answered the first week of the following month.
    The Q&A will be available to view for all patrons after 1 week.
  • Participate in the Review Q&A
    Ask questions to Andre about games he’s currently reviewing.
    Patreon Launch Celebration Special: Ask questions about any games he has reviewed between January 2019 and May 2019.

    For games being reviewed pre-release:
    uestions that can be answered without breaking embargo will be answered right away in the Patron Only feed for this tier. The rest of the questions will be answered shortly after the embargo.

    A week after the review is published the Review Q&A will be published to the website in a “Review Q&A” tab in the review in addition to a separate post.   [Patron’s choice of how they want their name posted.]
    The Review Q&A  thread will remain open for two weeks after the review is published.
    Ability to vote for the  “Patron’s Choice Review” (1 vote)

$10 Tier:

  • All the rewards in the above tiers
  • Get a more personalized GameReviewPad Patreon experience.
    Sometimes it is tough to find certain information about upcoming games. Ask questions about upcoming games and I will help track down the information for you if I have access to it.   ***Informational questions about upcoming games will not count towards the Monthly Q&A and will be answered ASAP.***
  • Access to GameReviewPad’s Instagram “Close Friends” story feed. 
  • [TBA 2019] Participation in “Developer Q&As”
    Providing additional support for indie games in the form of written “Developer Q&As” is the next logical step. GameReviewPad will be at that point later in 2019.  
  • [$100 GOAL UNLOCKABLE] “Patron’s Choice Review”Get a vote on nominations for the Patron’s Choice Review from a curated list of games selected by Andre. Nominations voting period lasts first two weeks of the month. Top 5 games advance.+1 Vote: Get an additional vote for the Patron’s Choice Review.

I want to stress that this is only if you want to support GameReviewPad in an extra way and is certainly not required, but greatly appreciated.


Andre Calvert

Editor-in-Chief of GameReviewPad

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