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Obduction Review (PC)


Obduction is a point and click adventure game by the legends at Cyan Worlds, who are the same people that created Myst and Riven. It’s an emotional journey full of devilish puzzles and otherworldly views. Come explore a world that is as foreign as it is familiar, and see if you can figure out what it’s all supposed to mean.

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Tahira: Echoes of the Astral Empire Review (PC)


Sprawling epic battlefields has never been something I have seen in strategy games before. Not in the sense of geography, but how much depth a single battlefield can bring in a medieval combat simulation. That is what immediately gravitated me to Tahira: Echoes of the Astral Empire. It continued the skirmish on the same battlefield or expanded the battlefield just as a usual battle most likely would have been fought. During Fire Emblem games or Valkyria Chronicles, instead of phases to the battle it more often than not implemented a small trickle of reinforcements or a hidden ambush. While I love that, something akin to large scale guerrilla combat is not something I see often and was intrigued because of that. The combat was enough to sway me towards Tahira, but does it manage to hold my attention throughout its short campaign?

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Enter the Gungeon Review (PC)


Enter the Gungeon is a top down, twin stick, shoot’em up rogue-like about adventures attempting to acquire a legendary gun that can kill the past. The Gungeon is a gun themed, randomly generated gauntlet filled with enemies, traps, shops, and bosses. With an expansive arsenal to be discovered you never know what you are going to find. Can you dodge roll your way to victory? Well, grab a gun and lock n’ load because it’s time to Enter the Gungeon.

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Shadwen Review (PC)


Shadwen is a third-person stealth game in which a grappling hook wielding assassinette named Shadwen happens upon a young girl being harassed by a guard. The girl, named Lily, witnesses Shadwen kill the guard and thus can not be allowed to escape knowing what Shadwen looks like, but Shadwen isn’t about to kill a poor girl. Instead, she takes Lily with her, and together they make their way towards the castle. Almost a sort of stealth sandbox, Shadwen puts an interesting spin on the stealth genre using time manipulation.

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Far Cry Primal Review (PC)


Far Cry Primal is an open world, FPS, with RPG elements that centers around a caveman named Takkar and his quest to bring his people, the Wenja, to dominance in the land of Oros and, ultimately, prosperity. By hunting, crafting, fighting other tribes, and rescuing lost Wenja, Takkar must rebuild his tribe in order to have the strength to defeat the rival tribes and claim the land of Oros as their own. Whether you’re exploring caves or hunting saber-tooths, there is always something for an aspiring caveman to do. So put on your loin clothes and sharpen your spears, because it’s time to go primal.

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Good Robot Review (PC)


Good Robot is a twin stick, rogue-like, shoot’em up, with 2D silhouette visuals akin to Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet. A rather simple game, Good Robot combines randomized levels and enemy placements with a money-based stat progression to form a fun and straightforward experience. Let’s see who the good robot really is.

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Deponia Review (PC)


Point and click games can come in many different forms, whether it be action adventure titles or with comedic intent. Ranging from the classic kid’s games like Putt-Putt and Freddie the Fish, to the great Sierra games like King’s Quest. Daedalic Entertainment is a company that came into the genre in the late 2000s with a title called Edna & Harvey: The Breakout. Edna & Harvey was the start of great comedic titles spawning from the minds in Daedalic. One of the latest series of course being the post-apocalyptic comedy known as Deponia. Deponia hopes to create a love story like none you have ever seen, but does it truly succeed in doing so?

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Super Galaxy Squadron EX Review (PC)


As space shooters become rarer on consoles in the US due to poor sales, they are still released regularly in Japan. People who want to get their bullet dodging fix (that isn’t first person) have to rely on PC more than ever. Super Galaxy Squadron was released early last year to a positive reception. Now a year later, an updated version of the game has been released and as a bonus, the original version is included. Will you be ready to save the galaxy remastered, or will you stick with the original?

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Skyborn Review (PC)


Skyborn is an RPG Maker game that focuses on creating a classic RPG experience with a steampunk/fantasy setting. RPG Maker games have been, for a long time, overlooked in the Steam market by many people. That would be accredited to the overabundance of half-baked RPGs that neither create an engaging story, nor rework the game mechanics in a more meaningful way. Horror RPG Maker games manage to create settings using their own sprite work and pixel art to invoke a sense of dread, while ones that focus on RPGs are not as innovative with the materials at their disposal or don’t utilize their own artwork. Skyborn definitely tries to set itself apart with a story that is, while streamlined, definitely has some effort put into both its characters and the world. That being said, is that enough to give a unique experience over other RPG Maker RPGs out?

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Firewatch Review (PC)


Firewatch is a first-person, story driven, exploration game set in Wyoming. Henry becomes the new ranger for the Firewatch team to escape thoughts of a beloved wife suffering from early onset dementia. Firewatch is essentially an interactive short novel based around navigating a wild and beautiful mountain area with nothing but a map and compass. Firewatch, though visually pleasing and certainly engaging at times, tries to be a suspense ridden thriller that falls pitifully flat due to boring and repetitive gameplay and a painfully anticlimactic ending. Despite effectively using choice to engross the player in a story with big and complex emotions, Firewatch fails to execute on its more promising ideas, and instead only achieves being a pleasant looking B movie slapped onto a hiking simulator.

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