2022 and Beyond: My Covid Delay, Indie Game Coverage, and Other Plans


2022 and Beyond: My Covid Delay, Indie Game Coverage, and Other Plans

My Covid Delay (Covid Sucks)

As you can probably see on this website and newsletter, not a whole lot new has been published yet. I got Covid at the end of December and it hit me a little bit harder than I anticipated. My entire plans for my ‘Favorite Games of 2021’ had to be scrapped because it was impossible for me to keep the energy to put that together. I didn’t get back to testing positive until the second week of January, but unfortunately by that time my entire rhythm for writing the newsletter and even playing video games had been thrown off. The fatigue was really hard to shake off in January.

I lost the entire month of January for what I wanted to do, but then February rolled around like a giant anticipated game bulldozer. February had a new Path of Exile league I couldn’t resist in the first week, followed by AAA releases like Lost Ark, Horizon Forbidden West (didn’t play), and Elden Ring. I spent most of my February playing Lost Ark and Elden Ring, while also still battling occasional fatigue still lingering from Covid. As much as I prefer indie games, Lost Ark and Elden Ring were some of my most anticipated games of 2022 so I couldn’t resist.

This brings us to March…

A new issue of Andre’s Gaming Odds & Ends will be sent out within the next week to reset Andre’s Game Hype Rankings plus it will include overdue opinions and a more specific content plan.

Andre’s GameReviewPad Indie Game Coverage in 2022

  • The same setup remains for the newsletter and website:
    All PR provided content gets published on the website first or only on the website (reviews) until the newsletter reaches a certain threshold of subscribers.
  • Indie Game Demo Coverage
  • Steam Early Access/Beta Reports & Follow Ups
  • Kickstarter Spotlight & Follow Ups
  • Trailer Impressions

New in 2022:

Indie Game Developer Q&As (Written Only) [published on website]

Supportive Audio/Video Content

A Stronger Social Media Presence and Flow (Goal)


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