Among Trees – Teaser Trailer Impressions


Among Trees Teaser Trailer Impressions


Among Trees Teaser Trailer Impressions

Release Date: Summer 2020
Platforms: PC

GameReviewPad gives their Among Trees – Teaser Trailer impressions.


Andre Calvert says:

This Among Trees teaser trailer was shown at The Game Awards 2018 and also happened to be one of my favorite trailers shown. This is a teaser, so we don’t know a whole lot, except that Among Trees is a sandbox game and will go on Steam Early Access in early 2019 . What is so great about this trailer is how the colors are presented in a very visually pleasing graphics style that can appeal to anyone. The game is set in the wilderness and the trailer does a great job of presenting that kind of atmosphere with animals walking about.

I don’t know if my PC will be able to run this, but I hope Among Trees is also eventually headed to consoles because I can see this being a hit there. There are many sandbox games out there, but few that look close to this. If FJRD Interactive delivers, this could be truly amazing. I look forward to following the development of Among Trees, as well as the final product. I can’t wait for a gameplay trailer.

Among Trees

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