Andre Calvert’s 2nd Favorite Game of 2018: Into The Breach (PC)


Andre Calvert’s 2nd Favorite Game of 2018: Into The Breach (PC)

Into the Breach

Into the Breach is another late addition to my 2018 game library, and embarrassingly so. If there is one game that I truly regret not playing earlier, it’s this, Back when it was released early 2018 I was busy playing other games, but this game also never entered my radar or grabbed me with its presentation. Maybe the simple 8×8 game board made me skeptical, but I finally decided based on genre and high praise it was received so far that it was time to at least try this game, given I enjoyed FTL: Faster Than Light.

Into The Breach is a fun, turn-based strategy, rogue-lite game that definitely has similar elements to FTL, but is completely different in experience. The 8×8 board seems a bit small, but the mech units you have to use and aliens you have to defeat make the game board seem just right. What Subset Games gets perfect in this game is the feeling of a chess game, player choice and customization, and risk versus reward type decisions a player has to make on a level by level basis. Do you try to get that extra objective reward or play it safe? The game also has a great unit unlock system with unique mech units that take time to learn, in addition to many cool abilities you will want to try and use with your mechs during your course of play. The moment I realized this was an amazing game was when I was struggling learning how to use my mech units efficiently, then suddenly everything clicked and I was sweeping through levels, only to unlock another unique bunch of mech units to learn and be back at square one trying to learn again.

Into the Breach, I’m sorry I doubted you, because you are my 2nd Favorite Game of 2018. Please forgive me…

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