Andre Calvert’s 3rd Favorite Game of 2018: God of War (PS4)


Andre Calvert’s 3rd Favorite Game of 2018: God of War (PS4)

God of War

God of War was a late addition to my gaming library compared to its early 2018 release because I had not become a PS4 owner until mid-2018. I have some previous experience with the God of War franchise, but never completed all of the previous games. That being said, I like the genre, and the new direction of God of War had me skeptical, but still interested.

God of War is my third Favorite Game of 2018 because the game is a total package of a decent story, solid presentation, and above all else, an excellent combat system. The relationship between Kratos and Atreus is very well presented, along with the relationship between them and the dwarves, Brok and Sindri. The graphics of God of War are solid, the amount of content available within the explorable world is plentiful, and the game provides a questionable item system that allows grinding for upgrades past the main story. While the game is solid in many ways, what holds God of War from being higher on my 2018 list are the reskinned bosses, the item system, and the new unnecessary camera angle that adds the annoying element of getting hit by offscreen enemies with ugly arrow indicators on my screen. Even with my criticisms, God of War is still a really fun game to combat through, making this one of my favorite games of 2018 that I will probably want to play through again.


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