Andre Calvert’s Disappointing Games of 2017: RPG Maker FES (3DS)


RPG Maker FES (3DS)


Developer: Nippon Ichi Software America
Publisher:  Nippon Ichi Software America

RPG Maker FES is probably one of fewest “games” (wink) I’ve ever bought purely as an impulse buy. The E3 trailer caught my attention and I watched many YouTube tutorials prior to purchasing, which helped increase my interest, but once I had this in my hands and went through the menus on my own it turned out to be very tedious. Although I was aware that you had to do your own outside research, I was really surprised at how little tutorial was in RPG Maker FES, especially considering the platform. Another disappointment was the small selection of elements provided, coupled with the fact that paid DLC of more elements was right around the corner. It felt like a bit of a slap in the face.

I understand the RPG Maker series requires the user to have a lot of extra interest, and I can easily see myself investing time in the future, but the fact this was an impulse buy and how quick I put it down is the main reason I have to call this game a disappointment.



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