Andre Calvert’s E3 2019 Microsoft Conference Thoughts


Andre Calvert’s E3 2019 Microsoft Conference Thoughts


The E3 2019 Microsoft press conference was a bit different this year due to the fact that Sony’s shadow would not be at E3 this year. Heading into the E3 2019 press conference there were some leaks that I tried avoiding, but most of the announcements of release dates were fairly new. One of the early surprises was seeing Keanu Reeves as part of Cyberpunk 2077, followed by appearing in person on stage to introduce the release date trailer. I was surprised this wasn’t leaked beforehand, so kudos to CD Projeckt Red for keeping the lid on that. The biggest announcement was at the end announcing Project Scarlet as their new console to be released along with Halo Infinite for Holiday 2020. Nothing was really shown as far as the console, but an interesting Halo Infinite cinematic trailer was played to drive up the hype.

2020 was a huge theme for the Microsoft conference, as it appears they have punted to 2020 for mostly everything except Gears of War 5. This sets up a huge 2020 for Microsoft with Project Scarlet and other titles like Ori and the Will of the Wisps, Minecraft Dungeons, Psychonauts 2, Microsoft Flight Simulator, and of course, Halo Infinite. Many games were shown that I liked, but other notable things in the conference were the Xbox PC Game Pass and I was surprised to see Double Fine (Psychonauts 2) partnering with Microsoft. The E3 Microsoft conference is now important viewing not just for Xbox gamers, but PC gamers due to the Windows 10 crossover publishing for most of the games. As someone who has yet to make the jump to Windows 10, this year’s press conference pushed me further in that direction with many games I want to play.

The Psychonauts 2 trailer was probably one of the better trailers shown during all of E3 2019, so that has me pumped up for 2020. The trailers for games like Battletoads, 12 Minutes, Spiritfarer, Way to the Woods, and Minecraft Dungeons all have me very intrigued to play to play them.

While 2019 is going to be a dismal year for Microsoft, 2020 could be huge for them. I look forward to what 2020 will bring in the world of gaming. Microsoft is setting themselves up for a potential collision course against Sony with the possible release of their next gen console in 2020 as well, something we haven’t seen before in previous generations between the two companies.


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