Andre Calvert’s Favorite Game of 2018: Wandersong (PC)


Andre Calvert’s Favorite Game of 2018: Wandersong (PC)


Wandersong is a game that didn’t enter my brain until late 2018, but a game I learned about, reviewed, and completely blew me away my expectations. A game about a wandering bard trying to save the universe by trying to find out about the Earthsong sounds fairly straightforward, but the way the story is told, the universe within the game, and the many characters you encounter make this a truly unique experience. Greg Lobanov (developer and publisher) did an excellent job creating supporting characters in each Act, by making them unique and memorable, even if they had little dialogue.

A game that seems more like a point-and-click game at times turns up the notch a bit by introducing some interesting platforming in the game with different unique elements. Each Act in Wandersong presents a story that fits in within the overall story being told. I was skeptical about how the concept of being a bard and “singing” would translate into gameplay, but Wandersong pulls it off well, giving users a color wheel with different singing pitches corresponding to different colors. If you make a game about a bard, then the soundtrack has to be good right? The soundtrack is also great, and in some sequences you can even create your own tune.

Wandersong is a unique game, with many unique elements of gameplay that separates it from other games released in 2018. How many games have you ever played with a wandering bard being the protagonist? From the moment I stopped playing Wandersong I knew this was my leading contender for “Favorite Game of 2018,” and all the games that I played afterwards (God of War included) could not top this story rich experience.


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