Andre Calvert’s Most Anticipated Games of 2018: A Way Out

Most Anticipated Games of 2018

Andre Calvert’s Most Anticipated Games of 2018

A Way Out (Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC)

Developer: Hazelight Studios
Publisher: Electronic Arts

Release Date: March 23. 2018

When A Way Out was announced at E3 2017, it quickly became one of my most anticipated games of 2018. It’s from the same creators that brought us Brothers A Tale of Two Sons, which was very innovative in its storytelling. The idea of co-op playing as a prisoner trying to escape is just very intriguing to me. As a fan of the popular show Prison Break, I was always surprised a game like this didn’t come sooner. What I am very curious to see is just how many ways both prisoners can escape, but more importantly, whether this will be executed to perfection. The co-op experience will be online, so that brings up a whole other set of issues like lag, ping, communication, and a game like this will have to have both video feeds sync up properly.

I just recently found out that only one copy of the game is needed to play with a friend, as the friend will just need to download the free trial and enter a code. This is the closest thing since the Portal 2 Playstation 3 version gave free PC copy codes to give people to play co-op, which I took advantage of. I will be eager to hear what restrictions are in place for the free version, because if it has a similar model to Portal 2 then that will be amazing! One of the major reasons Brothers was a huge hit was because of the emotional bonds of the characters , so I’m curious to see if that same emotional connection will be in this. If that can’t be topped it will be understandable, but just give me a good story along with solid gameplay mechanics!


A Way Out

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