Andre Calvert’s Most Anticipated Games of 2018: Detroit Become Human

Most Anticipated Games of 2018

Andre Calvert’s Most Anticipated Games of 2018

Detroit Become Human (Playstation 4)

Developer: Quantic Dream
Publisher: SIEA

Release Date: 2018

David Cage games aren’t for everyone, but his games have a sort of flare about them that other games simply don’t have. There is an aura of mystery surrounding the story, with twists and turns that may not always make the most sense, but it is still a unique storytelling experience. Detroit Become Human looks like more of a return to what Heavy Rain was, as opposed to Beyond: Two Souls. I liked Beyond: Two Souls, but I understand somewhat why Heavy Rain was liked better, despite the fact that Beyond: Two Souls had more gameplay freedom than Heavy Rain. Heavy Rain was a thriller and Detroit Become Human looks like a return to that heart pounding decision making that added adrenaline to the Heavy Rain‘ experience.

I haven’t followed the details of Detroit Become Human at length, but I do know that player’s will take on different perspectives and have to make quick decisions. I also can’t say that I’m running to buy a Playstation 4 to play this game, partly because I think the marketing for this has been a bit minor, but I still have relatively high hopes for this. If you don’t like games with QTE (quick time events) then don’t play games with QTE, but pick up a David Cage experience with the open-mind of utilizing the QTE to its fullest potential. This is what separates my anticipation and expectations for this game (and his previous games) from unrealistic expectations. Detroit Become Human is still a bit of a mystery, but I can’t wait to see what it turns out to be.

Detroit Become Human

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