Andre Calvert’s Most Anticipated Games of 2018: Slay the Spire

Most Anticipated Games of 2018

Andre Calvert’s Most Anticipated Games of 2018

Slay the Spire (PC)

Developer: Mega Crit
Publisher: Mega Crit

Release Date: Summer 2018

Slay the Spire is another game that popped up out of nowhere in popularity in the independent game scene. Slay the Spire is a roguelike deck building game, where players use cards to attack monsters and like the title says. eventually slay the spire. I have yet to get my hands on this wonderful concept of a game, but I am always intrigued by a card game. Mega Crit, the developers of Slay the Spire, update the game fairly regularly on Steam Early Access, and the game seems to have already amassed a huge player base. It is surprising to me, as this is a single player experience, but it is a testament to the addicting level of gameplay that Slay the Spire offers.

This could be the big hit of 2018 that nobody saw coming many months ago. The fact that every run in the game can be different gives this game endless replay value. The gameplay I have seen a while ago shows combat without animations, which is a minor complaint that might be worth fixing to appeal to more people. As this is currently in Steam Early Access, anyone can buy it, and improvements are promised by Mega Crit regularly. Mega Crit does have a gem on its hands, and if there is anything I love, its a developer that is constantly informing its players on what is coming next. I can’t wait to see what the finished product of this gem turns out to be.


Slay the Spire

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