Andre Calvert’s Most Anticipated Games of 2018: Wargroove

Most Anticipated Games of 2018

Andre Calvert’s Most Anticipated Games of 2018

Wargroove (PC, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One)

Developer: Chucklefish
Publisher: Chucklefish

Release Date: 2018

Wagroove is a game that completely surprised me at E3 2017 during the PC conference. This is a turn-based strategy game that has a very old school look. Chucklefish, the developer behind Wargroove, is also responsible for Starbound, which proved to be an expansive customizable experience. Wargroove’s visuals should give you vibes of Advance Wars, which is one of my favorite games on the Gameboy Advance. Whenever I see a strategy game I automatically perk up, but to see a game that is practically a spiritual successor to Advance Wars makes me even more thrilled. A lot of details are still unknown, but the modes aren’t.

I think it is great that Wargroove is going to be up to 4 players and online. I truly hope the online play will be tied together well with rankings and leaderboards, but most importantly, that the actual in-game multiplayer experience is smooth. Another intriguing aspect about the game is the map editor and creating triggers. Depending how this is implemented, this could be a huge game changer that sets this game apart and gives it longevity. With the recent surge in popularity of the Fire Emblem franchise, I am optimistic that this will have a good player base of support, both online and offline. I hope that the game has a decent single player campaign at the very least, but my greatest is concern is the level of difficulty. I truly hope the game is challenging enough in single player and an even more gratifying experience online. Wargroove please don’t let me down!



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