Andre Calvert’s Top 3 E3 2019 Game Updates or Follow Ups


Andre Calvert’s Top 3 E3 2019 Game Updates or Follow Ups

E3 2019


1.  Final Fantasy VII Remake

My favorite game update of E3 2019 was easily the new trailer and gameplay for the Final Fantasy VII Remake. I was blown away not just by the graphics, but the gameplay options that will be provided to the player in the game for each battle. I was skeptical after seeing the quick trailer during the State of Play prior to E3 because it seemed to be Final Fantasy VX style, but the E3 presentation showed the turn-based choice was still there for players. I was also thrilled to see that players can switch between characters while the AI controls the others. They also showed a boss fight that looked epic as if it was a boss from Dark Souls. If all the boss fights are gonna be what they showed then the game is gonna be amazing. This easily shot up to a game I definitely want to play in 2020 right at launch.

2. Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 wasn’t a game I was too hyped for as much as others going into E3 2019, but CD Projekt Red had a good enough track record with The Witcher 3 not to doubt them. The biggest and most shocking announcement at E3 2019 was seeing Keanu Reeves as part of Cyberpunk 2077 in a main role. This is something that I was shocked was kept secret in a video game industry with so many leaks around E3 time, not to mention the overall development period of the game itself. On top of that, the gameplay footage I’ve seen coming out of E3 2019 is quickly moving Cyberpunk 2077 higher on my list for 2020. I can’t wait to see more of this game.

3. Maneater

Maneater was a game announced at the E3 2018 PC Gamer conference that was one of my favorite games announced. The premise of playing as a man-eating shark quickly grabbed me, not to mention the trailer was hilarious. At the E3 2019 PC Gamer conference more information was revealed that the game will be GTA style, allowing players to move around in an open world. The gameplay also involves the shark having life phases and evolution stages to open up more gameplay possibilities. Although I am less enthused that this is an Epic Games Store exclusive, the game seems like it will be amazing for what it is trying to do.


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