Andre’s GameReviewPad Newsletter Experience Changes


Andre’s GameReviewPad Newsletter Experience Changes

Andre's GameReviewPad Newsletter May 27

One Newsletter Digest Type

After much contemplation, I’ve decided to combine my newsletter into one as Andre’s Gaming Odds & Ends. This will mix all the content together, but not in a strict format. I realized that it was taking me too much time and energy segmenting content into two different content newsletters (Indie Games and AAA games). This will make it much easier for me to plan, write, and send my content more efficiently.

Slightly Shorter in Length

The other change I’m making is the newsletter will be less crammed with content, but the frequency of the newsletter may be more than once a week occasionally. To pull back the curtain a bit, some e-mail systems have text limits that cut off e-mails if they are too long. In previous versions of the newsletter I’ve actually had to edit or cut a few things to avoid that risk. A less crammed approach will avoid this altogether.

As a result of this change, I’ll be sprucing up the presentation of the newsletter as I go along the rest of the year.

Full Reviews to your Inbox

Any long-form game review of a game not provided for free will be sent straight to your inbox as its own content/e-mail. The first two will be Street Fighter 6 and Diablo IV.

The eventual goal is to build my subscriber list so that all reviews are exclusively published here.

I’m Taking Advantage of Everything!: Podcast and Video

Substack has really expanded and grown their features in the last six to eight months. Adding the video feature for everyone is one of them. The podcast feature has been here for a long time, but I feel it’s time to take advantage of it now that I’ve come up with my approach for implementation.

“More From Andre” Shortcast

More From Andre Shortcast Logo

The More From Andre Shortcast will feature sporadic short episodes, no longer than 15 minutes, but likely 5-10 minutes for most episodes. I like the podcast format, but long episodes are too time consuming to edit. Short episodes makes this work efficiently. More From Andre will just be extra supporting commentary that isn’t included in the written newsletter, either because the content doesn’t fit or because it’s better voiced than written. It can even be responding to reader comments.

You’ll be able to listen to More From Andre through Substack, but it will eventually be on the various podcast distribution networks, as well as the GameReviewPad YouTube channel. The ultimate goal is to bring people to the written newsletter through audio while not being bogged down.

Video will likely be less frequent, but will likely be personal gameplay footage and commentary.

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