ANNOUNCEMENT: GameReviewPad Patreon Launch Soon!


GameReviewPad Patreon Launch Soon!


GameReviewPad is moving towards a Patreon launch in Mid-April – Early May.

GameReviewPad was born in 2013, launched in 2014, and has slowly evolved to what it is today, covering the newest indie games. As someone who has dedicated all these years to bringing GameReviewPad from nothing to something, I have learned so many things about the video game media industry, including the need to provide more coverage for indie games that is currently lacking in the mainstream media gaming outlets. As someone running this site on the bare minimum investment so far, I’m impressed I made it this far, but I really want to make sure the site can never disappear and be able to use the best tools available to spread the message about many of these indie games that don’t get the publicity they deserve, This means social media planning tools to keep up with everything, as well as a general pool budget to cover the newest indie games every month.

The GameReviewPad Patreon page is still being constructed, but I want to make it crystal clear that no types of content you read on the site will ever be put behind a paywall.

There will be exclusive interactions just for patrons, as well as the ability to vote on review selections, plus more

I want to thank all the readers of GameReviewPad for your support, and I hope to take it to a greater level in the future.


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