Astroneer Review in Progress (PC)


Astroneer Review in Progress (PC)


Disclosure: This review was based off of a review copy.

Astroneer is a game that I had kept my eye on for the couple years it has been in development in Steam Early Access. After a certain other game seemed to have flopped a bit in the space exploration genre, Astroneer was an indie game that I felt might be able to capture the charm of a space sandbox. The aesthetic of Astroneer was something that intrigued me, but I was still skeptical about how the rough polygon terrain would interact with you as an astronaut.

After playing the game for a bunch of hours so far I have to say that the tutorial may be one of the worst tutorials I have ever experienced. The tutorial feels like it was never updated much during Steam Early Access, with item interaction prompts being non-existent or very tiny font. Having said that, I was still able to eventually put together everything and figure out how all the objects interacted with each other. Once I was able to figure out how to use tethers, spend research points, and and print items I was ready to begin exploring.

Upon starting my real game experience it took me a while to find my footing about which objects did what, partially because the tutorial did a very poor job of introducing platforms. Once I was able to get my initial base setup, I started exploring with my tethers and I got a sense of exploring in a game I had not felt since Minecraft. The main difference with Astroneer is that the camera angle is very well positioned to make the planet you are on seem huge around you. It took me a while to gather my initial resources, find a resin patch, setup research stations, and now after logging off I feel like I have a good sense of how the game works and I can’t wait to finally discover more. I discovered a crashed metal pod type thing, so that was cool also.

That’s all for my Astroneer review in progress. I will either have another review in progress or a full review next if I feel comfortable with my hours logged to give a firm judgment.

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