Battle of Kings Steam Early Access Report September 2018


Battle of Kings Steam Early Access Report September 2018


Battle of Kings (PC)

Developer: Wenkly Studio
Publisher: Wenkly Studio

Disclosure: This content is based off of a review copy.

Battle of Kings is based off of a VR version released earlier 2018. I played a bit of Battle of Kings when it was first released into Steam Early Access in August to get the most updated state possible. I am an avid player of tower defense games and find innovation in the genre particularly appealing.

Battle of Kings has a tutorial to introduce you to towers and gameplay, which I personally feel can be condensed because it goes on too long. This leads into the staple of the game, which is a versus battle mode where players take turns building towers, upgrading their gold mine, and sending units to the other person. I didn’t play a lot, but I feel this mode is particularly promising. In order for this mode to truly be successful I feel there needs to be some level of fog of war so you can’t just look at the other person and see what they are doing and get a lucky counter. Sending specific units to recon your opponents towers to make adjustments would take this mode to another level. I also found this mode to be a bit quick with the timer, but also a very “Rock, Paper, Scissors” type feeling.

That’s it for my Battle of Kings Steam Early Access report September 2018. Let’s remember, this is Steam Early Access, so I will check this game again once more updates have happened and give an updated report.

You buy Battle of Kings on Steam Early Access here

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