Catherine: Full Body Demo Thoughts

Catherine: Full Body Demo Thoughts

Catherine: Full Body Demo Thoughts


Catherine: Full Body
Catherine: Full Body

Developer: Atlus
Publisher: Sega
Release Date: September 3, 2019
Platforms: PS4

Catherine: Full Body is a remastered and expanded version of Catherine, originally released in 2011. Catherine is a puzzle game mixed with a choice-driven story that makes the game an incredibly unique experience that made it one of my favorite games. When I first heard of Catherine: Full Body I thought it was just a remastered version, until I read that the game would be expanded with a bigger story, more options, and more puzzles.

The recently release Catherine: Full Body demo helped alleviate some of my concerns and made me even more interested to play the full version. As someone who played and enjoyed Catherine, I can say the Catherine: Full Body demo is very well put together and helps to encapsulate the ‘Catherine experience’ with a small slice of choices and puzzle solving. The demo immediately introduces a new love interest for Vincent, Rin, to add to the already existing Catherine and Katherine. That alone already adds a brand new dimension to the story to give the player more choices and decisions that weren’t there originally.

As far as puzzle solving goes, there is a new “Safety Mode” difficulty setting that allows players to skip puzzles and focus on the story. Personally, I think the puzzles are part of the immersive storytelling in the game and I would never enable that. The other addition is “Remix Mode,” which adds new kinds of blocks to the puzzles that look like pieces from Tetris. This is a brand new mode that also adds a new dimension to the game and more replay value. Just trying out Remix mode in the demo, it does make puzzles a little more difficult because you have move a large chunk of blocks at once and it takes longer to correct any mistakes. I am excited to try this in the full version.

The Catherine: Full Body demo was definitely a great demo and I would recommend it to anyone that wants to get a taste of the franchise. After trying out the new modes, meeting Rin in the demo, and knowing the game will have more puzzles and online multiplayer, I can’t wait to play the complete version!

The Catherine: Full Body demo can be found on the PSN store.


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