GameReviewPad’s Coverage Additions for 2017


As the video game industry evolves, it is important for the types of journalism coverage to evolve as well.

It is very clear within the last few years in gaming that we’ve entered an era where ‘unfinished’ games are treated as general releases (Steam Early Access) and want coverage, and even games that are considered ‘completed’ at launch still remain unfinished and need patches. This new practice among game developers that charges for an unfinished product, which was made popular by the development of Minecraft, means that consumers should know the quality of a game for almost the entire cycle of development.

This new practice by game developers has put game journalists in a bind because some developers consider their game “released” once it hits a Steam Early Access state for consumers to buy, while others want nothing to do with criticism or negative ratings until their game is out of Steam Early Access. The way GameReviewPad will now see it is once a game charges money for its access it is fair game to be criticized.

Steam Early Access, Xbox One Live Preview, or any beta coverage of any kind should not occur without the responsibility of journalists stating the game versions and the fact that the game is still technically “unreleased.” That is exactly how GameReviewPad will approach this type of coverage.

It is also GameReviewPad’s new coverage position that a game should be covered in some form every step of the way from announcement to release.

Coverage Additions:

New Written Coverage:

  • Pre-Release Demo Reviews
  • Steam Early Access / Xbox One Live Preview / Beta Impressions (and any other category in this realm)

New Audio/Video Coverage:

  • Regular Facebook Live recaps of events, and event coverage in a more timely fashion.
  • Random video game Impression testimonials on Facebook Live
  • Less audio only coverage, but all Facebook Live coverage will be provided in audio form.



Andre Calvert

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