Degrees of Separation Review in Progress (PC)


Degrees of Separation Review in Progress (PC)
Degrees of Separation

Degrees of Separation, developed by Moondrop, is an interesting puzzle game where you as Ember and Rime, two people find themselves drawn together but are separated by the elements of warm and cold. It this interesting dynamic that makes up the puzzle gameplay of Degrees of Separation. The game engine seems rather solid, as the split-screen of elements turns around the screen without much issue, with the given element instantly affecting the surface it touches. As I am still working my way through, the game is separated into worlds, with a waypoint system that allows you to move around freely across the map to gather scarves, which unlock gates to help you advance. The beginning of the game you have the vanilla setup of just the elements as advertised, where you have to maneuver around between Ember(warm) and Rime(cold), until the next world when you get a new special ability to help you solve puzzles. The new ability changes your approach to the puzzles in a way that it took me a while to figure out with some puzzles.

This brings me to degree of difficulty, which seems to be scattered. Some puzzles I flew by quickly, while others I took a bit of time or had to go back to complete them. The other element of the game is the control system, which probably is best with co-op, but I am playing by myself and the game plays generally ok, as the game allows me switch between Ember and Rime. There were some puzzles I encountered so far that I felt having two people would make it easier, but for the most people it is fine with just one person playing. The reason why it is taking me a little while longer is partially the difficulty and partially just taking more time playing as one person.

Before I close this Degrees of Separation Review in Progress, I can’t forget to say that the sound, soundtrack, and graphics are done pretty well. Additionally, they have a narrator giving commentary as you complete puzzles, which is interesting, but I am looking forward to see where it goes.

That’s it for this Degrees of Separation Review in Progress and I hope to have the full review with more details very soon.


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