Demo Thoughts: Newt One (PC)

Demo Thoughts: Newt One (PC)

Demo Thoughts: Newt One (PC)

Newt One (PC, Xbox One)

Developer: DevNAri
Publisher: DevNAri

Release Date: February 14, 2018

Recently I played the PC demo of this wonderful and pleasant 3D platformer called Newt One, You play as Newt, and it is your goal to wake up the dead, dark, and silent world that has fallen to the Great Slumber. The demo contains about five levels, but it gives a good taste of what the game is all about. I played the demo using a mouse and keyboard, as the toggle for using a controller is hidden in the bottom left corner of the main menu. so I just settled for mouse and keyboard. (I didn’t discover the controller toggle until I had completed the demo.) Although the concept of bringing things to life and not killing anything was appealing, I was a bit of skeptical in regards to the gameplay. To my surprise, the demo was a great showcase to me that the platforming will at least be challenging. As advertised, the levels in the demo do come to life with vibrant colors and good music.

The level design shown in the demo, particularly in the Cloud and Island levels were well put together. Upon completion of the demo I discovered the badge system, which is like an internal achievement system. There are badges for different things, like not falling, finding all parrots, and a few other things. I look forward to playing the full game with a controller because mouse and keyboard was a bit of a chore for some of the levels. I look forward to experiencing the full Newt One experience.

The demo for Newt One can be found here

Right now Newt One can only be purchased on PC through or played via Utomik.

It will be released elsewhere later in 2018.

Newt One

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