E3 2016 Reactions: EA Press Conference


GameReviewPad contributors give their reactions to the EA press conference of E3 2016.



Electronic Art’s press conference is usually sports focused, and that was the case with Madden talk and a heavy FIFA presence.  The Madden talk was mostly about competitive play, lacking a focus on highlighting any new features that might convince a “Madden is the same thing every year” type of person from buying Madden ’17. There was a much heavier focus on FIFA ’17, but I’m not really a ‘FIFA person, so it didn’t anything for me, but I can see the appeal. They did announce a single player story for FIFA, which has potential to be interesting, as previous single player stories were decent, especially in Fight Night Champion.

Of course not everything was sports, but they talked about Titanfall 2, which I don’t really care for. It will now have single player. Mass Effect Andromeda had a cameo mention with some details, but no actual footage. They did show some ‘behind the scenes’ thing where you might have been able to catch a glimpse of stuff. There was some Star Wars talk, but again, not much to show for it. A new Star Wars Battlefront. which will have content from the movies (yay?), as well as announcements for other Star Wars games in development.

EA also mentioned their EA Originals program, then show a game called Fe, which kind of reminded me of Journey. Fe was the brightest part of the conference for me. The conference ended with Battlefield 1, only a cinematic trailer, and forced everyone to wait for a livestream afterwards to get gameplay footage. Although the gameplay footage was great afterwards, they showed nothing during the press conference, which was ridiculous.

EA’s press conference reached my expectation of it being bad, but any FIFA fan would have enjoyed it. The press conference bounced back and forth between Los Angeles and London, with London getting the FIFA presentation, which was the smartest decision they made. I am a Madden person, but even that segment was horrible. The press conference wasn’t just bad, it was worse than last year’s press conference.



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