E3 2017 Trailer Impressions: Kirby for Nintendo Switch – Official Game Trailer

Kirby for Nintendo Switch - Official Game Trailer

Release Date: TBA 2018
Platforms: Nintendo Switch

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Louis Hughes says:

After playing Kirby’s Adventure on the NES I wanted more games with Kirby. He has always been my ‘go-to’ game if I’m having a bad day because it’s hard to get mad at the fella. I expected a Kirby game, but not this soon for the Nintendo Switch. While each game has a feature, it seems they are adding something this series was begging for; Co-op gameplay. Seeing how co-op is used and not shoehorned in makes the mayhem more fun. Having the four allies form a giant ball to mow down enemies is beyond awesome. While the release is slated for next year, I’m guessing early Spring before we see the puff ball in action again.


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