E3 2017 Trailer Impressions: Skyrim Switch

Skyrim Switch - Official E3 Trailer

Release Date: TBA 2017
Platforms: Nintendo Switch

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Louis Hughes says:

What happens when you make an open world game with lots of side quests? You get a game that many still play, but what sets The Elders Scrolls V: Skyrim apart are the glitches, which is what Bethesda Game Studios is known for. Despite the bugs being so bad that Playstation 3 owners didn’t get some DLC packs, the game is highly popular on PC because of the countless mods. The game has seen re-releases and remasters on most gaming platforms except Nintendo. While the Nintendo Wii was expected to be left out because of its limited hardware, the Nintendo Wii U might’ve seen the game had sales fared better. It came as a surprise when Skyrim was showcased during the Switch’s reveal.

It’s still unsure whether or not this will support mod add-ons, and if it’s a port of the original or remastered edition. Another surprise came with it shows that the Switch version will support amiibos. Granted, it only showed Link’s attire, but it’s rare to have a major third party have amiibo support. It also displays how the game can be played with motion controls. I find it funny people think that’s the only way to play and forgot when the game was first show that you can play the game regularly. Since this will be the first test of a major third party game, it’ll come down to people sticking to their promise of buying this game. Most felt that Nintendo did a good job of showing why the Switch version is the way to go.

Andre Calvert says:

We all had a glimpse that there would be a Nintendo Switch version of Elders Scrolls V: Skryim when the Nintendo Switch was first revealed, but few details were available. When Bethesda revealed that this would use the Joy-Con controllers for motion controls I thought it made sense, and quite frankly, if done right, make this an actually enjoyable motion control experience. I was a bit surprised to see the negative reaction to this reveal, but I see this game becoming an underrated hit on the Switch. This game probably wont move any Nintendo Switches off the shelves, but Nintendo loyalists should have a crack at this game. As long as some level of mod support is included, I see this becoming a moderate success.


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