E3 2017 Trailer Impressions: Super Mario Odyssey – Game Trailer

Super Mario Odyssey - Game Trailer

Release Date: October 27, 2017
Platforms: Nintendo Switch

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Louis Hughes says:

What many are already calling game of the year had one of the best trailers at E3 2017. It started with a T-Rex, leading many to believe it was a trailer for Monster Hunter XX. Once Cappy (Mario’s possessed hat) was shown, let the celebration begin. There is no CGI or teases, just straight up gameplay footage. With a jazzy soundtrack to set the mood, we get a taste of the newest feature for Mario, being able to possess just about anything, from enemies, to random NPCs, and also vehicles. What also shocked me is to see the return of Pauline being mayor, leading me to believe maybe Donkey Kong will make an appearance. As for Bowser, he decided that kidnapping is too good for Princess Peach, so why not marry her? The big kicker is that you have to fight…..wait for it…..his wedding planners. Nothing else needs to be said.

But I will continue, as watching the trailer, shows they are going back to the open world exploration of Super Mario 64/Super Mario Sunshine. I see myself trying to complete Super Mario Odyssey over The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and for most, the reason to own a Nintendo Switch.

Andre Calvert says: 

This trailer for Super Mario Odyssey is one of the best trailers I’ve ever seen. I don’t plan on buying a Nintendo Switch, but this trailer really tugs on those strings to want to get one. Who doesn’t like a good Mario game? The open world is well presented in this trailer, showing the different worlds Mario will be visiting. The song in this trailer is excellent also. Even though I will just be a spectator when this is released, I am very curious to see how this game turns out on release, because Nintendo really needs that next big Mario game to propel them forward.


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