E3 2017 Trailer Impressions: Yoshi for Nintendo Switch – Official Game Trailer

Yoshi for Nintendo Switch - Official Game Trailer

Release Date: TBA 2018
Platforms: Nintendo Switch

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Louis Hughes says:

After my enjoyment of Yoshi’s Wooly World, like Kirby, I wasn’t expecting another game this soon for the Nintendo Switch. While it looks like Yoshi ditches the yarn look for a more teddy bear look, the environments have a paper feel of a children’s book. It looks to be a simple platformer with the ability to aim in a 3D movement. Local co-op returns, thankfully, because that was what got my friends to buy Yoshi’s Wooly World. The trailer reveals that it’ll take a page from Super Paper Mario with the flip feature to look behind the levels. This gives the game a pop up story book feel, which is nice to look back on things you remember as a child. Train boss battle shows that you’ll be able to freely roam in 3D on certain events.

I thought that would be all I would say as the trailer shows promise, but the wow factor is at the very end when it states that the game is running on Unreal Engine 4. It was later confirmed Epic Games did a software update for the Nintendo Switch to support the latest gaming engine. Now the question is since Yoshi is powered by Unreal, will Nintendo rely on this engine continue to pump out more games with a decent schedule to prevent those long droughts?


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