Andre’s E3 2018 Biggest Takeaway: Few 2018 Game Release Dates

Andre's E3 2018 Biggest Takeaway

Andre Calvert’s E3 2018 Biggest Takeaway: Few 2018 Game Release Dates


I always look forward to E3 for the upcoming games, but at E3 “upcoming” is a broad term. What games are going to get me excited to purchase that particular console? Unfortunately, at E3 2018 we got a lot of trailers, but few solidified 2018 release dates for many games. As a consumer and gamer I want to leave E3 2018 with a calendar filled up of games that I’m looking forward to in that same year. What games to save up for? What games to wait for?

There are lot of upcoming games that have a vague “2018” release window, but if you know anything about games these days, delays happen, so that can’t be relied upon. Yes, of course, you will get your yearly dose of the given sports games, new Call of Duty, and now a new Assassin’s Creed game, but what’s really new? Nintendo Switch has a decent amount of 2018 release dates, but what else? We know the few major releases left and it isn’t that many. Although the number of announcements of games with 2018 releases might have been low at E3 2018, there are conventions still left, like Playstation Experience. We might get more release dates then, but when all eyes are on E3 you need to get gamers excited for the rest of the year and allow them to plan their wallet spending for the rest of the year.

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