Louis’ E3 2018 Biggest Takeaway: Relevance of E3

Louis' E3 2018 Biggest Takeaway: Relevance of E3

Louis’ E3 2018 Biggest Takeaway: Relevance of E3

My biggest takeaway from this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is not who “won” or what I liked and disliked about the event, but how uneventful it was. Now, here me out, what I meant is how this event used to be, as one G4 (RIP) reporter stated, “It’s the Super Bowl of video games entertainment.” Due to how it was only open to the press and the internet was still growing, we relied on gaming magazines to read up on what happened a month after the event. Then the advent of G4 gave gamers a presentation of the event on TV, which was huge, as we would get highlights of what went down. Then in 2009, gaming websites started live streaming the event, and even though there were a few kinks, most streams went well.

It changed again at E3 2013, as Nintendo decided to do something different that would change the industry, filming a pre-recorded video and calling it the Nintendo Direct. By using this method they can have a controlled environment, better pacing, and no hiccups. The biggest advantage of this was that Nintendo can sprinkle information about upcoming titles for the audience throughout the year. With this method some companies took notice and decided to give it a try, such as EA, as they now host their event outside of E3 for the public. Speaking of which, remember how I stated E3 used to be “the show” for gaming? Now with the advent of Gamescom, PAX, and The Tokyo Game Show (somewhat) with their events being open to the public, that leaves E3 being the odd man out. Just recently (2017) E3 became open to the public, but to make sure the press got some time with upcoming games, the public is only allowed access on the last two days and not allowed in till 11am.

I remember reading GamePro magazine and seeing all the photos of E3, hoping that someday I will attend E3 in person. But now, with all the information on my computer, and tablet, I feel that dream may not come true, but I’m okay with it.

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