Andre’s E3 2018 EA Press Conference Thoughts

E3 2018 EA Press Conference

Andre’s E3 2018 EA Press Conference Thoughts

The E3 2018 EA press conference took place on Saturday, June 9. Not to my surprise, the press conference didn’t bring that many great new announcements. That being said, we still got at least two interesting announcements for two new indie games. To my surprise, Unravel Two was announced and released the same day and gameplay was also shown. The game still looks as beautiful as the first one. Although I felt the Unravel gameplay was missing something to make it interesting to me, Unravel Two renewed my interest to an extent, because it will feature two yarnies. a red and a blue yarny. The game features single player and co-op, as the game requires both yarnies to complete the puzzles and single player gamers can switch between them.

The other major announcement that I enjoyed was Sea of Solitude (2019). The heartfelt presentation by creator Cornelia Geppert was, in my opinion, the most authentic and audience connecting presentation of any of the major press conferences. Sea of Solitude is a game that tackles the issue of loneliness as you control a young woman named Kay. The graphical style is also very appealing with its colors and animations. I look forward to more information about the gameplay of Sea of Solitude in the future.

Anthem was also shown, but not enough to actually know what Anthem is. At this point Anthem should be viewed as a hypejob, because not enough about the gameplay flow and mechanics have been presented. So far, EA has been nothing short of pathetic when it comes to showing a meaningful presentation of what Anthem actually is. This year’s presentation of edited gameplay was almost the same as 2017. Battlefield 5 was there, but no gameplay of their hyped battle royale mode, also quite disappointing. The most ridiculous part of the presentation was the “announcement” of Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, which had little fanfare and nothing to show for. Sports seemed to take a backseat, as they spent little time explaining new features in their sports games. I was however pleased that Madden is returning to PC.

The E3 2018 EA press conference showed that EA still has a lot of work to do when presenting their games. Even with all of EA’s money and wealth, the two indie games stole the show, which says a lot about the current state of the AAA gaming industry, especially within EA. Maybe EA should consider a stronger focus on indie games.

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