Andre’s E3 2018 Nintendo Showcase Thoughts

E3 2018 Nintendo Showcase

¬†Andre’s E3 2018 Nintendo Showcase Thoughts


Nintendo has been known for in recent years for their own approach at E3 with a Nintendo Showcase followed by a week of Nintendo Treehouse, which highlights games for a week. The E3 2018 Nintendo Showcase seems to be polarizing, but I actually liked it.

The showcase started off with a brand new game called Daemon X Machina (2019), which is a mech game with a beautiful and colorful aesthetic with black outlines. This game was surprising and the gameplay I saw during the Nintendo Treehouse is very appealing to me. This was a great start to the showcase.

The game that totally shocked me and is probably going to be overlooked to an extent, it is the reveal of Super Mario Party. I was never a Mario Party franchise player, but the Nintendo Switch seems to be the most suitable console for a game like Super Mario Party. What Nintendo does really well in their promotion of the Switch is showing how people to use the system, and they did exactly that with Super Mario Party. One of the coolest features of Super Mario Party is the ability to put together Switch screens flat on the table and make the game board bigger. Even better, was the surprise that Super Mario Party is releasing this year, October 5th.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses (2019) was shown, and although we didn’t see a deep dive in gameplay features, we did see the 3D combat in an open field. The game looks beautiful and it’s set for release in 2019. Although the following game is already released for other consoles, Fortnite was announced and released for the Nintendo Switch and this is another game that I feel suits the console very well. Fortnite is the most popular game in America and who wouldn’t want that on the go?

Pokemon Let’s Go was also shown, as well as a toy pokeball that players can buy and use. Pokemon is a huge franchise and no doubt in my mind it will be a big hit. This will be released November 16th of this year. Another game that I am very interested in seeing the final product of is Octopath Traveler. This is an RPG that seems to be getting little hype, but the features of it are appealing to me. Octopath Traveler is scheduled for full release July 13th, but a new demo is now released where you can transfer your data to the full game.

The main event of the showcase was Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, in which Masahiro Sakurai revealed many details, like the fact that all Super Smash Bros. characters ever in the franchise are included. The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate segment was a deep dive into the game, that felt like we were watching patch notes. I am a Smash fan, but if you weren’t then this was boring. The only new character that was revealed was Ridley. It was revealed that the release date is this year December 5th.

Nintendo is a company that loves to do their own thing, and I feel that sometimes they are given too much criticism. This Nintendo showcase was a mixed bag, as not many new games were revealed, but we got a lot of games shown that will be released for 2018. I don’t get the outrage against Nintendo, as when 2018 closes Nintendo Switch will have released Mario Tennis Aces, Octopath Traveler, Super Mario Party, Pokemon Let’s Go, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to close out the year. That’s a pretty good exclusive list, as Playstation 4 and Xbox One can’t match that number of exclusives this year. Where the showcase fell short is we didn’t get any additional details on Yoshi, Metroid Prime 4, or Bayonetta 3, but probably because they wanted Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to get all the attention. There are also indie games that are only going to the Switch that were also omitted. Probably the most legitimate complaint is that we got absolutely nothing about the new Nintendo online service. I don’t own a Switch, but I feel they made a good follow up to 2017, to the point that I am now interested in purchasing a Switch. I can’t say the same about Microsoft and the Xbox One when it comes to providing many exclusives in 2018, which is why I feel a lot of the criticism towards Nintendo is puzzling and borderline dishonest.

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