Andre’s E3 2018 Sony Press Conference Thoughts

E3 2018 Sony Press Conference

Andre’s E3 2018 Sony Press Conference Thoughts


The E3 2018 Sony Press Conference is always a major spectacle at E3, as they always have some spice to their show. 2018 was a bit different, as their conference started in a cathedral, with light lanterns hanging throughout the room. It was a curious setting for a conference because the light was dim and acoustics not very good.

Gustavo Santaolalla came out and played The Last of Us melody we are now all familiar with. This led to eventually showing The Last of Us Part II in a trailer with the same setting as the conference. The trailer shown was very powerful, violent, and showed off crazy animation sequences within the actual gameplay involving Ellie. This latest trailer was by far the best showing of The Last of Us Part II, and no doubt in my mind a system seller in the future. Although we saw The Last of Us Part II, we got no release date window.

Ghost of Tsushima was next shown, but not before an intermission for change of venue. The wait was inexcusable, and a disappointing pace to the conference. Ghost of Tsushima was preceded by another music performance that I wanted to end a little quicker. Ghost of Tsushima looks to be an amazing game with stunning graphics. There was an amazing fight sequence with a beautiful sunset and flying leaves that has to be some of the most beautiful video game art direction on the Playstation 4. I’ll definitely be interested in this when it releases.

Control was next shown, a game by Remedy. The trailer shown was compelling, but we didn’t get any gameplay. That being said, Control is still a game I’m interested in. The trailer for The Resident Evil 2 Remake (2019) was shown next and completely shocked me. Although this is a game I wont play because it isn’t my type of game, it’s a game that looks to be very intriguing. We didn’t see any gameplay in the trailer, but it was still a stunner to see Resident Evil 2 transformed for a new video game generation.

The most anticipated trailer for me was for Death Stranding, and it was a bit weird to say the least. This was the first time we saw some gameplay, and it was just of actor Norman Reedus walking and delivering packages. Although we still know very little about Death Stranding, the trailer gave us a tiny peak of what the game is about, even if we still don’t know much. Actresses Lea Seydoux and Lindsay Wagner were revealed to also be part of the game. Going to be brutally honest here; I am very interested in Death Stranding, but there seems to be a double-standard with the lack of criticism towards Hideo Kojima when it comes to not showing enough gameplay or revealing more information about the game. No other developer would get away with this much teasing with this little to show. Not only that, but we don’t even have a release date for Death Stranding yet.

The last game shown was Spider-Man, and the trailer was pretty good. We saw some great fighting, which resembled the fighting from Spider-Man 2. The trailer showed many villains, including Rhino, Electro, Scorpion, Vulture, and Mister Negative. The previous trailer shown at last year’s E3 was mostly QTE and cinematic sequences, but this trailer eased any fears I had. We saw Spider-man swinging and after the conference we saw more gameplay. This game is a definite buy for me.

I only mentioned the games that peaked my interest during the E3 2018 Sony Press Conference, but the list of games was still too short. The games did however look very good, and showed to the world the type of quality games a Playstation 4 can offer. The press conference itself was poorly produced, as I personally don’t care about the setting, I just want to see games. The intermission and musical performances seemed to exist only to pad the time and cover up the fact that Sony had very little to show. Days Gone was notably missing, as was any mention of the Final Fantasy VII Remake or Shenmue III. Despite this criticism, most of the games we did see are very intriguing and I can’t wait to play them.

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