Louis’ E3 2018 Sony Press Conference Thoughts

E3 2018 Sony Press Conference

Louis’ E3 2018 Sony Press Conference Thoughts


With the Playstation 4 being the number selling console worldwide, some thought they would put the event on cruise control. Well, they kinda did, but that didn’t stop them from showing games people wanted to see. It started with the Sony President welcoming everyone to a small venue, which made little sense until a new trailer for the Last of Us Part II showed it starting off in the venue. I predicted that this would be the game to start off the show, but I didn’t know they would end it with Spider-Man (2018) (what I predicted minutes before the show).

The moment that threw everyone for a loop was the “intermission” after the Last of Us Part II trailer. I thought it was a cold opening to the real Sony conference. While the intermission reminded us of content missed in the pre-show, it went back to a bigger venue with another musical opening, like one before Last of Us Part II. After that speed bump there were trailers, and what made this show stand out from Microsoft is that while most of the games shown had no release date (except for a few), the majority of the games shown were first party. There were very little games shown that were third party. With this strategy, I feel this is Sony playing with quality over quantity. The biggest surprise had to be the Resident Evil 2 Remake, which looks like it’s using the Resident Evil 7 engine. Fans have been asking for a remake since Capcom remade the first game from scratch for GameCube.

E3 2018

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