Andre’s E3 2018 Top 3 Favorite Announcements Overall

E3 2018 Top 3 Favorite Announcements Overall

Andre Calvert’s E3 2018 Top 3 Favorite Announcements Overall


1. Beyond Good and Evil 2 Artist Collaboration

At the end of the Ubisoft conference segment for Beyond Good and Evil 2 actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt came out and announced that Beyond Good and Evil 2 would be using assets from artist collaborations using This was an announcement that came out of nowhere, and I’ve never heard of the site. The idea of man artists around the world collaborating through a site to create assets for a video game is intriguing. It was later cleared up by Joseph Gordon-Levitt that artists will be compensated, but details are still unclear. I am very curious to see how this project works out in the end, especially the compensation for artists.

2. Unravel Two Announced and Released Same Day

This was one of the more surprising announcements coming out of E3 2018 and one of the few good announcements from the EA Press Conference. Unravel Two was announced and released the same day as the press conference, which was probably a very good decision for them business wise and for getting the game attention. Unravel was anticipated when it was first announced years ago, but it didn’t have a very popular release. By announcing the sequel and its immediate release, this instantly gave it attention. Also not to my surprise, after the game was released that day it was one of the top games on  Easy to say this was a successful strategy.

3. Madden Returning to PC

This was an announcement that was poorly made by EA, meaning people probably forgot about it because a big deal wasn’t made out of it. That’s EA for you. This is the return of Madden to PC, ending the ten year drought, which was long overdue. I am hoping that the PC version is properly handled, especially concerning hacking. I would have been a Madden customer for PC years ago, but it never existed. I’m glad that EA finally listened and will give PC gamers the chance to enjoy Madden again.

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