Louis’ E3 2018 Top 3 Favorite Announcements Overall

E3 2018 Top 3 Favorite Announcements Overall

Louis’ E3 2018 Top 3 Favorite Announcements Overall


1. New Demo for Octopath Traveler

I didn’t have the time to try out the beta for the game and the feedback I read was positive. When the end of the trailer announced that a new demo would be released later that week, it felt like I was given a second chance. The new demo will have elements tweaked from the feedback. Not to mention, playing the demo will have your save state transferable to the full game. I’ve noticed since the demo is the prologue to the actual game it’s nice on the developer’s part. Usually, demos are created just to get you to want more; this has an actual story built in to get you ready for what lies ahead. That is why this announcement caught me by surprise.

2. Fox McCloud and the Arwing playable in Starlink: Battle for Atlas

I didn’t watch the Ubisoft conference live, but found out about it, and watched the trailer. This trailer reminded me of something that has been forgotten back in the day, multi-platform games including exclusive content for a specific console. Best example is Soul Calibur II. Yes, I know this was done in Shovel Knight for the Xbox One and PS4, but this made sense. I decided to watch the Treehouse stream of the game and it looks fun. If anything, that trailer had people going from, “Oh, that looks nice, I guess” to, “Holy Crap! This is a must buy!” Considering that it looks like only the Switch version will have an exclusive character, that says a lot and I feel that will be the version most people will buy. To be frank, I had no interest in this game when that was announced, and yes, I pre-ordered the Star Fox bundle.

3. The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Roster Reveal

When “The Roster” was displayed, I was watching with Andre, with glee, seeing who will return and who will be omitted. It was noted that the number would be when that character appeared in the franchise. As the reveals started, the original eight were shown, but the first shock was the Ice Climbers returning, then Ryu, and the big one, Solid Snake. Then, the text said, “Everyone is here!” After that, I was ecstatic to learn and see that all the fighters from previous games will by playable. While Marvel vs Capcom 2 and Mortal Kombat Trilogy had an impressive roster lineup, Smash Bros. roster was pretty hefty. While this was the sweet icing on the cake, the cherry on top is the inclusion of fan requested Ridley. Maybe now, people will stop spamming Sakurai’s Twitter feed.

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