Andre’s E3 2018 Top 3 Favorite New Game Announcements

E3 2018 Top 3 Favorite New Game Announcements

Andre Calvert’s E3 2018 Top 3 Favorite New Game Announcements

1. Dying Light 2

I was never drawn to the Dying Light, but Dying Light 2 was shown during the Microsoft Press Conference, and I have to say, I’m intrigued! Although the game is post-apocalyptic, there are few zombies, which is good because I’m sick of zombie games in 2018. Haven’t we had enough? The intriguing element of Dying Light 2 is the single player campaign where players can make choices that have lots of impact on the story. The demonstration at E3 was great, and if other decisions are as impactful as what was shown at E3 then this has me excited. I hope the game is filled with many decisions to alter the story, giving it lots of replay value. Nobody saw Dying Light 2 coming, but this one may catch people’s attention more than the first one.

2. Maneater

Maneater is one of my most favorite new game announcements because I just can’t get the concept of this out of my head. Controlling a shark, eating people, and in a full RPG system? I don’t know if an idea can be any sillier, but I want to see what the game does for progression. The trailer shown was very well done to draw in viewers, but I am concerned that this may be a game where you just play one game session and it’s over. I’m hoping for some multiplayer shark mode to enhance the experience even more.

3. Super Mario Party

When the Nintendo Switch was first announced, mobility and all, the one game that I felt would be perfect for it was Mario Party. The announcement of Super Mario Party completely surprised everyone, but I was even more surprised by its screen connecting feature that extends the game board. Say what you will about Nintendo, but this is a heavy hitter of a game. I can’t say I was ever a Mario Party franchise enthusiast, but the hardcore fans were waiting for one to come to the big console instead of remaining on the Nintendo 3DS. Don’t overlook Super Mario Party, because I think this will be a sleeper hit to be a ‘must have’ for every Switch owner in the years to come.


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