Louis’ E3 2018 Top 3 Favorite New Game Announcements

E3 2018 Top 3 Favorite New Game Announcements

 Louis Hughes’ E3 2018  Top 3 Favorite New Game Announcements

1. Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition

At first, I thought that a sequel was being made, but when I saw it’s a remastered edition of one of my favorite JRPGs on the Xbox 360 I was happy to see that others will now experience how fun this game is. Later on, I learned that the game is multi-platform and will be coming to other consoles and PC. Back in the Xbox 360’s early years, they wanted to grab the Japanese market by having companies make JRPGs exclusive for the console. While some were disappointing (Blue Dragon), others shined (Eternal Sonata, though it was later ported to PS3 with added content). I remember during that time, Microsoft was really trying to have a diverse lineup. Once again, I’m happy that people will get to play this hidden gem.

2. Resident Evil 2 Remake

As far back as I can remember, people were amazed and praised how awesome the Resident Evil Remake was on the GameCube. Ever since that game was released (2002), fans were hoping that Capcom would give the beloved sequel the same treatment. While the game got multiple re-releases (N64 version being the most surprising, considering the CGI scenes, while compressed, were intact and added content with Dolby Sound support), no remakes were in sight. After the disappointment of Resident 5 and Resident Evil 6 many felt the franchise was getting stale. Thankfully, Resident Evil Revelations gave Capcom the message of the type of game the fans wanted.

While Capcom did announce that a remake was in the works, many including myself, brushed it off as them saving face until the Sony conference. The trailer kept everyone guessing what the game was until we saw Leon looking more realistic. What was thought to be a PS4 exclusive was later learned to be multi-platform. Seeing gameplay shows that while the game will use modern controls and camera angles, the game will be scarier. It really shows that the game is using the Resident Evil 7 engine, and I cannot wait to see the horror re-image. Things are finally looking up for Capcom.

3. Battletoads

Rumors were floating that Microsoft was gonna revive a dormant Rare IP. Many were hoping for a new Perfect Dark or Conker game. Instead we’re getting a new Battletoads game. In hindsight, we should’ve seen this coming with Phil Spencer wearing a t-shirt, their inclusion in Shovel Knight, and Killer Instinct Season 3. The biggest hint being Rash’s victory speech of, “Enough with the cameos!.” Though no gameplay was shown, the trailer showcased that it will be a new game and not a remastered port, three player coach co-op, and hand drawn sprites. After the conference, it was revealed that the game is not being developed by Rare, but by DLaLa Studios. My prediction will be that the game will have online co-op and the default difficulty will be toned down, but the harder mode will simply be named “Normal”.

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