E3 2017: Sony Press Conference Review


With the success of last year’s Sony E3 press conference, Sony took the “if it ain’t broke” method and continued with the trend of less talk and more games. If you wanted to watch the conference with other Playstation fans, movie theaters had a free showing as long you reserved. While this worked to their advantage last year, this year felt off. While we got surprises such as the Shadow of Colossus remake and more information on God of War and gameplay for the Spiderman game, I left the conference feeling ‘meh.’ It didn’t help that the games I wanted to see were shown in the pre-show. The problem I feel is a trend that most game trailers in the end show the game not coming out in a year or two. With the exception of Horizon: Zero Dawn and Uncharted 4’s DLC, most of the games shown are slated for 2018 release. Thankfully, the console has a backlog to keep you busy, but if you just bought the console and only knew about upcoming games, you would feel disappointed knowing there isn’t a holiday title excect for third party games such as Call of Duty: WW II and Destiny 2.

Another issue is the presentation. I was puzzled to why the camera kept showing a quiet crowd, only to learn that for people in the theater events were going on during the trailer for most games. Horizon: Zero Dawn had snow falling on the audience, Call of Duty: WW II had explosions going off, and Destiny 2 had banners come down. The only experience the viewers saw were zombies hanging for Days Gone. It would’ve been nice to show the full experience to viewers. Despite this, I see myself finally getting a PS4 this year. Not the PS4 Pro, as I don’t own a 4K TV. It didn’t surprise me they decided not to drop the price of the PS4 Pro to comeback the Xbox One X’s $499 price, since they barely talked about it. I have tried PS VR and it works, but the price and hooking up the set is a drawback for me.

What upsets me is watching the panel give their thoughts on the conference and how the big games weren’t there. One person mentioned that they might be holding the games for the Playstation Experience (PSX) and the replies were negative. I wondered why they were unhappy about this, and then I came to this conclusion: The expo is made for the fans so the press won’t have first scoop of the event, since the public will be able to try out the games. Guess they forgot PSX was created to thank the fans for making the Playstation 4 the number one selling console.

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