End of 2019 Content Overview


End of 2019 Content Overview

2019 is coming to end, which of course means you will be reading my selections of my favorite games (and possibly other people) in the next couple weeks.

As far as future content is concerned, expect a mixture of new ‘regular’ content (trailer impressions etc…) in addition to the end of the year content.

One of my next pieces of content will be a general list of recommended games that I generally liked in 2019 that is unranked in any form. This is no doubt one of the toughest years for me to pick my favorite game of the year because I played a lot of good and interesting indie games, with few that were overpowering others like previous years. Ideally, I would love to play every game I cover and include in the Indie Game Discovery Roundups, but unfortunately due to time and financial constraints that is not possible. This is a gap that I am really hoping to close significantly in 2020. Part of that gap is also due to technical constraints with my PC (no Disco Elysium :(), which I will be upgrading in 2020. I also played almost no AAA games, sorry Kojima!

The following End of 2019 content should be expected within the next 2 weeks:

  • Recommended Games of 2019

  • Technical Category Nominations and Winners (Unknown number categories )

  • Top 10 Favorite Indie Games of 2019 (Unranked)

  • Favorite Games of 2019

  • Most Anticipated Games of 2020

Every video game lister online is going to have a different pool of games they chose from, but I take pride in the fact my pool is almost entirely indie games, a stark contrast to The Game Awards where indie games are marginalized.

Andre Calvert

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