Louis Hughes’ Favorite Games of All Time: Perfect Dark (N64)


PerfectDark64BoxGoldeneye 007 (N64) was the game that changed how FPS games were played on consoles for years to come. Back then, I never owned Goldeneye 007 since all my friends had the game and ended up losing most of the matches. Upon using a new tool called, “the internet,” I learned that Rareware was working on a new IP with the Goldeneye 007 engine. This would be the game I waited for, but like most Rareware games, it got delayed. While that was going on, I moved to a new state and made new friends.

The day of release, I used my allowance to buy Perfect Dark (N64) and show it off to my new friends. At first they weren’t sure about the game, until I told them it was made by the Goldeneye 007 team, and instantly got hooked on the multiplayer. Thanks to the game having bots, I learned how to get good with the game, causing me to have a better outcome than my Goldeneye days. Now instead of playing on a small TV, we mostly played on a 20″ TV. Better yet, we would go to the YMCA and use the projector. Good times. Thanks to the game’s customization of characters, everyone had their own to choose from instead of default characters. I came to like Joanna Dark more than Laura Croft (pre-reboot) because of her attitude and she didn’t have a rumored code that all teenage boys thought of. I also found it amazing that this game had widescreen and Dolby Surround support, which was ahead of its time to have features like that in a video game.

When the game came to Xbox Live Arcade, I bought the game to relive those days in HD. The controls did take some getting used to by today’s standard (before it was patched), which had me thinking that my younger self would run circles around me now with the one analog stick controls.

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