Louis Hughes’ Favorite Gaming Moment of 2017: Nintendo Switch

Favorite Gaming Moment of 2017

Louis Hughes’ Favorite Gaming Moment of 2017: Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

After disappointing sales of the Nintendo Wii U, many wondered if this was signs of Nintendo leaving the console market to just rely on the Nintendo 3DS. Not to mention, President Satoru Iwata passed away in 2015 leaving more doubt, but all would change the following year (2016) when Nintendo released a trailer for their new console. While leaks were shown to be a hybrid console of some sort, many waved it off. But then something happened… Everyone started talking about Nintendo again and interest peaked then tapered off until early 2017 when Nintendo told us all information at a live Japanese conference. After games, price, etc. was announced, pre-orders were gone instantly, for the most part, then came the waiting game.

Many wondered after the Wii U flop if the Nintendo Switch would follow. I didn’t think so due to Nintendo marketing the system correctly. Heck, the console was shown during the Super Bowl, marking their first time airing a Super Bowl ad of a product not released. Then the system was released to huge numbers.

Another feat with the Switch was the lack of droughts. Every month a new Nintendo game was being released. The biggest feature of the console is being able to have the console experience on the go. Yes, the Playstation Vita has quality visuals for a handheld, but the proprietary memory cards (among other problems) cause the system to slowly fade. Considering that in nine months the console has already sold ten million units worldwide, has garnered more third parties to support the console knowing its not a dud, and the hybrid design has peaked consumers interest.

To see where Nintendo is now versus a year ago is astonishing. Nintendo had one heck of a rebound year in 2017.

Andre Calvert says: I co-sign the above statement. Nintendo is officially back in console competition!


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