GameReviewPad’s Favorite Soundtrack of 2019 – Hypnospace Outlaw


GameReviewPad’s Favorite Soundtrack of 2019
Hypnospace Outlaw

Favorite Soundtrack of 2019 Hypnospace Outlaw

I have named the Hypnospace Outlaw soundtrack by Jay Tholen my favorite soundtrack of 2019. This was by far the easiest decision of any category for me to come to a conclusion of because how the soundtrack was composed of completely original songs to fit the time period of the Hypnospace Outlaw universe. The soundtrack of is massive compared to other games and is implemented in a very unique way that adds to the game experience itself. There are several songs like “The Chowder Man – I Am the Chowder Man” by Hot Dad and “Nothing Left For Me” by Seepage that are particularly memorable because of the immersion each song creates for the time period of the game’s universe. Seepage represents a faux Linkin Park vibe and The Chowder Man sounds like a faux Kid Rock. Those are only two, but the game already has two soundtracks released and not all of the songs are covered within them. I am sad that not enough people played this game, because if they did then Hypnospace Outlaw would no doubt be everyone’s most appreciated soundtrack rather easily, no contest. Congratulations to Hypnospace Outlaw for not only having my favorite soundtrack of 2019, but also stacking up well against video game soundtrack releases in recent years as well.

Runners-up: (no particular order)

A Plague Tale: Innocence

ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove!

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Katana Zero

Children of Morta

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