First Judgment: Sonic Mania (NS)


First Judgment: Sonic Mania (NS)

Sonic Mania (NS)

For my most anticipated game for 2017 I listed Sonic Mania as the game. What grabbed me was the game is going back to its 16-bit glory days, but what shocked me is the game is being developed by Christian Whitehead, known for creating some fan made Sonic games. Sega got wind and hired him. This game now has become special for being made by fans for the fans. How does it hold up?

Based on my short time with the game, I can say it has lived up to its promise. The controls are quick and spot on, with the visuals having a 32-bit look, like a game you would play on a Sega Saturn than a Sega Genesis. While the game does contain fan favorite levels from past Sonic games, added features and changes from the level design makes the game feel fresh. I have only played one new stage and it fit in the Sonic game with ease. There is more I would like to say, but I will save it for the full review. My only gripe is a small one, and that I prefer to play games like this with a d-pad and the Switch’s pro controller is too stiff.

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