Follow the Kakariko G-Pads in Out of the Park Baseball 2022 Perfect Team


Kakariko G-Pads in Out of the Park Baseball 2022 Perfect Team

Kakariko G-Pads

One of the games I discovered last year was Out of the Park Baseball 21, in particularly the multiplayer mode via Xbox Game Pass. I just could not put it down, but I also joined late in the process so I was behind. Now that I’ve figured out how the game operates and various strategies to go with, I decided it would be awesome to have a team based on GameReviewPad that we can follow from beginning to whenever I give up on the team. Our ultimate goal is to reach the best league in the game, Perfect League, and win that coveted championship!

The Perfect Team mode is similar to Madden Ultimate with pack openings etc, which is part of the fun of it and also frustrating part of it. Personally, I just love the multiplayer aspect.  The chronicling of the Kakariko G-Pads will be via YouTube. Each video will contain a full in-game season of Perfect Team.

The first video below is an introduction discussing the origin of naming the team, and the other video is the entry league first season of Perfect Team. Unfortunately, I’m a little behind in keeping up with the editing and uploads due to being busy with other things, but I am still recording each segment and eventually I will be caught up. Each video will always likely be an hour long and include plenty of pack openings!

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