‘Game for Game’ List – June 2021 (Video Game Hype Rankings)


‘Game for Game’ List

Newly Added Games to the June 2021 Rankings

6. Tribes of Midgard

Tribes of Midgard is a newly added game to the list at a high six position because this combines two elements I like in games; Action RPGs with skill trees and crafting with world building. This was a game that I somehow overlooked before June 2021 because of all the other games, but the trailer is one that appeals to the isometric dungeon-crawling ‘Diablo players’ and those who like to slay big bosses. The visual style may not be for everyone, but I personally like it and the animations shown in the trailer are great. The multiplayer seems like it will appeal to many people, so I’m eager to try out that mode. I’m also enthused that the developers, Norsfell, will be supporting seasonal content to keep players engaged. If this game turns out to be what I hope it is then it may be a potential GOTY contender for me.

9. Lemnis Gate

Lemnis Gate is a tactical FPS arena game that takes place in a 30 second time loop that I am just so so excited to try out! The concept of an entire fight taking place in the same 30 second time loop where opponents take turns making moves in response or anticipation of each other is very intriguing. I am a gamer that likes tactics games, but I also suck at FPS games, so it will be very interesting to see how much FPS skill is needed in Lemnis Gate versus strategy and tactics.

10. Lost Ark (NA)  

Lost Ark is the Korean ARPG MMO that North American gamers have been waiting for ages to get a port in the NA region. I have had this game on my radar for so long that I gave up on expecting a port, but to my amazement, June E3 news brought us the news that a port would be coming in Fall 2021. It will be released as a free-to-play game with a lot of microtransactions attached to it that would likely mean it would be pay-to-play for the best experience. That’s why Lost Ark is in my tenth spot and not higher. I may end up paying and treating this as a buy-to-play, but I personally get upset with free-to-play titles that have heavy premium advantages. It’s still very unclear when Lost Ark will be released, but a lot has been said about their monetization scheme and I hope that for the NA region they ultimately decide on buy-to-play as THE pay model. Regardless, I will play this and I am very curious to see how an isometric ARPG plays out in an MMO format.

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