GameReviewPad Update Summer 2018: New Logo, Indie Game Discovery, Patreon, Mixer


GameReviewPad Update Summer 2018

New Logo and New Graphics

As you may have seen, a new GameReviewPad logo was launched recently. I felt GameReviewPad was long overdue for a new logo. The new logo will be phased into all social media platforms soon, in various necessary resolutions. We also have a bunch of other new graphics being rolled out for specific content types, particularly for social media sharing.

Indie Game Discovery Future Support: New Section and Content

A few months ago we launched our Indie Game Roundup weekly series and so far it been a success. We plan on building upon it. During the course of Indie Game Discovery new games have been discovered that I never knew existed, as well as games that I want to play but simply don’t have the resources to do so. Time and resources are scarce, but based on how many games I see flowing through my PR mailbox, it is very clear that not every game is going to get attention, which is why the Indie Game Roundup exists in the first place. Despite not being able to play all the games in all the Indie Game Discovery Roundups, I still want to provide

Currently I am putting together a special Indie Game Discovery section that is solely dedicated just for providing Indie Game Discovery coverage.

Along with the the special Indie section on the way, new types of content support will be provided by the end of the year.

  • Written Q&As with Indie Developers  – The next step in providing support to indie developers is getting their stories out there and picking their brain about their upcoming game. Q&A support will be coming to the site by the end of 2018.
  • Kickstarter Support Coverage – Kickstarter has been proven to be the origin of some of the best indie games, including games I’ve played in 2018 so far. It was always my goal to cover a game from announcement to release, and omitting kickstarter coverage would be a mistake.

Patreon Launch Soon in 2018

We will be launching a Patreon by the end of 2018. This is still in the planning stage. One thing I want to make clear is that GameReviewPad written coverage will always be free.

The Patreon will be needed to make sure the site can support itself moving forward, as well as helping to provide the resources necessary to help manage the social media platforms efficiently. Unfortunately, you can only go so far using “FREE” features, that taking this site to the next level will have to involve using premium features in various areas.

New Mixer Stream

We recently launched a Mixer stream at

We will be playing new and upcoming indie games on the stream. Right now we have no set schedule, so please hit the follow button to be alerted when we go live.

This is all I have to share for now. I am always looking to improve site efficiency, so some changes related to that may happen sporadically.


Andre Calvert


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