GameReviewPad Video Content: Demos, MiniReviews, Playthroughs, and Twitch Streams


GameReviewPad Video Content:

Demos, MiniReviews, Playthroughs, and Twitch Streams

For all of GameReviewPad’s existence I’ve focused mostly on written content, but it’s been increasingly clear to me that supplementary video content is sorely needed for the site to take it to the next level. This was one of the reasons I upgraded my computer, so I can utilize every medium available.

GameReviewPad will continue to prioritize writing, but I’ll be utilizing video content for certain types of content. Below is a breakdown of video content to expect in the future.

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Demo Playthroughs

This seems to be one of the best use of video content, as playing through demos and walking through what I like and don’t like about the game can be useful to the viewers and even indie developers. Thinking out loud is a good thing.


When I first launched GameReviewPad, MiniReviews were my goal as a written medium for outside players or contributors to give an additional opinion. Unfortunately, it never took off, I decided to remove that section of reviews, but I’ve decided now is the time to resurrect MiniReviews as supplemental content for the usual written review.

Right now I plan for these MiniReviews to be no longer than 6 minutes.

(I am also considering opening this up to freelancers in the future in a similar fashion as my original intent for MiniReviews.)


I plan to record most of my playthroughs. Right now I am playing through Final Fantasy 7 for the first time. Even though GameReviewPad is primarily about indie games, I will post content about any game I am playing, that includes AAA titles or games I am “catching up” on in franchises having newer releases like Final Fantasy 7.

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Twitch Streaming

I am also going to utilize the GameReviewPad Twitch stream to play different games, but with no current set schedule. Please follow the Twitch channel to be notified when I go live. All the content Twitch will be locally recorded.

I have no plans to become a Twitch Affiliate, so that means no subscriptions. The best way to support GameReviewPad is by becoming a patron at


Thanks for your support of GameReviewPad. This is probably the last of content type posts, but I want everyone to know what the content plan is moving forward.

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